Fed Reports Interest Rates Will Stay Low Till April

arkansas low interest rates reportThe latest Federal Reserve meeting concluded with positive news that the current Interest rates are not likely to be increasing before April 2015.

This was announced at the latest Federal Reserve meeting in December when the Fed reported continued growth for the US economy. This is great news for investors and real estate prospectors as it removes the worry of interest rate percentage increases and less than ideal interest rates.

As you may well recall, since the horrific economic crash in 2008 the federal funds rate or short-term interest rate has been sitting at an uncertain 0%. The US federal reserve made the move in an effort to help boost the US economy during the financial crisis that affected so many businesses and US citizens.

Whenever news of the Fed delaying the inevitable rise of interest rates in the US is encouraging news for investors. As this is the case, there is often much anxiety when the Fed meets and investors of all types anxiously await the “verdict” or state of interest rates.

The 0% interest rate will not last forever and this has been a constant worry for some investors as they are uncertain when the rates will begin to increase. At least for now, they will be remaining low and this means the buying landscape for any investor looks very promising.

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